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All American Termite and Pest Control specializes in residential, commercial, new construction, termite and structural building inspections. We can assure you that our high level of real estate competence, professionalism, and attention to detail has earned All American Termite and Pest Control an excellent reputation. Our reputation for quality termite inspection and treatment is based on well-earned trust and professionalism. Protecting your investment from extensive damage resulting from an active termite infestation is our primary concern and goal. All American Termite and Pest Control is located in south central Pennsylvania and our staff is highly trained, licensed and bonded.

Termite Inspection and Control

Why would I need a Termite inspection?

Most home mortgage lenders require a termite inspection prior to approving a new home loan. Because structural damage can be expensive to repair, the lender will want to make sure that their interest in the property is protected and that no active termite infestations exist before financing the property. This is to your benefit as well, since buying a home is a major investment, you would not want to purchase a home that has an active termite problem or hidden termite damage. You should periodically have a re-inspection performed to make sure your property is continuously protected.

Maintain a Safer Property With Quality Termite Mitigation and Elimination Treatments

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Termite Inspection Process

How long does a termite inspection take? What’s involved?

Our highly trained and experienced inspectors can usually complete a termite inspection within an hour. Your home or other structure will be thoroughly inspected. Because termites are our specialty, we know exactly what to look for that will indicate the presence of termites and other wood destroying insects. Certain types of visible damage may indicate the presence of termites.

What does an inspector look for during a termite inspection?

All American Termite and Pest Control inspectors are trained to look for active infection or infestation as well as resulting damage caused by termites. Some things an inspector will look for are: termites, fungus damage, water damage, earth to wood contacts and plumbing leaks. Other indications of termite infestation include, mud tunnels, hollowed out wood, termite swarming, etc. Our inspectors are highly trained to look in the most obvious places and know exactly what to look for.